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jQuery gives you a wonderful web effect with just a few lines of code. JQuery is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library that makes interaction between Javascript and HTML extremely easy. It saves cost and time on writing Javascript code through taking care of common repetitive tasks, by stripping out the entire unnecessary markup. jQuery provides a platform for AJAX development along with techniques for animation. By adding other high level functionalities to the main Javascript framework, jQuery makes development more consistent and hassle-free. It is a fast and concise JavaScript library which simplifies the development of animations, communications to server requests, document transversing and event handling

Designers/developers can have control over HTML events, animations, and other interactions on a web page, with the help of jQuery, by adding and removing style sheet handlers. These handlers can be either HTML classes or IDs specified in a style sheet, which tells the browser how to position and style HTML elements. Web designers/web developers can quickly and easily write these handlers using jQuery, on specified events to modify the style and/or position of that element. This paves way to the creation of powerful and dynamic web pages

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Search Engine Friendly
Saves time
Easy and convenient to use
Cross-browser compatibility
Mobile Compatible
jQuery is free, open source software

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