YES Enterprise is a comprehensive application provides a single affordable solution to manage your entire business from sales and customer relationships to financials, procurement, production, warehousing & distribution, pricing policy & direct costing and retailing functions of a business.

What is YES?

  • Yardstick for Excellence in Sales (YES)

-    A comprehensive solution for managing procurement, distribution and retailing functions of businesses

-   Ideally suited for businesses who maintain varied inventory levels and large suite of products

-   Facilitates smooth transition of products right from the point of procurement to the ultimate point of sale

-   Operates on local, wide area networks and VPN/private networks over Internet

-   Fully online and synchronous between all points of connectivity

-   Supports related accounting, inventory, asset management practices

Components of YES

  • YES WareHouse

-   The heart of YES Enterprise, is responsible for maintaining the complete inventory of the organization

-   Orchestrates movement of products between various procurement and/or distribution points such as godowns, warehouses C&F points etc.

  • YES Central Office

-   As the controlling authority of YES WareHouse, allows configuring workflow of WareHouse

-   Primary functions include Purchase Order processing and supplier management

  • YES Retail

-   A Point of Sale (POS) invoicing/inventory management module

Benefits of YES

  • Increase personal and organizational productivity

By automating business policies and best practices, removing manual tasks, and eliminating error-prone reentry of information, which enables retail organizations to deliver results faster and with greater predictability.

  • Make better decisions

By providing real-time insight into key business metrics and providing proactive alerts and notifications, YES enterprise gives broader insight into essential business processes that are critical to your business (across both the store and headquarters) and provides real-time analytics that enable you to make better decisions faster.

  • Enhance operational excellence

Ensuring a continuous, high-quality customer experience requires support for mission-critical business processes with the utmost levels of reliability. YES enterprise provides a rock-solid foundation that delivers the security, performance, scalability, and reliability demanded by the distributed, mission-critical systems of modern retail enterprises.